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Five Questions with a Leader - Sara Magalhaes

April 30th 2024


Sara Magalhaes is the Immediate Past District 107 Director (2021 - 2022)

How has Toastmasters impacted your personal and professional growth as a leader?

Toastmasters had a tremendous effect on my personal and professional growth.
It didn’t happen overnight or in a short run. It happened through time without even noticing.
It impacted not only the way I felt - more confident and not afraid to speak - but also how the others saw me. The opportunities appeared in my personal and professional life, that I couldn’t imagine or aim before Toastmasters.
It is not a sprint., it’s a marathon that never ends.
The more you know, the further you go

What strategies do you use to effectively lead and motivate your team in Toastmasters?

Don’t ask your team the motivation you don’t have and don’t expect them to do what you’re ever available to do. Lead by example, consistently. It is the best way to lead and motivate your team

Can you share a memorable experience or lesson learned from your time as a Toastmasters leader?

Succession is one of the most powerful experiences. Nourish future leaders. Make sure you leave a legacy and that the work you did will not end with you. What I am most proud of is the members I helped grow and the awesome goals they achieved.

How do you balance your responsibilities within Toastmasters with your other commitments?

It is not easy and not always possible to balance all the responsibilities. Sometimes I wasn’t as present as I wished in toastmasters. I had to pay attention to other commitments in my life. But I know Toastmasters is always there for me, and every time I come back I remember why Toastmasters is such a big part of my life. The most similar experience is the gim, if you like to exercise: You know you will fail some training, but you know it’s good for you, and whenever you can, you come back. You can return to a different type of exercise (another role), a different gim (another club), but it’s always there for me, and it makes me feel better and stronger.

What advice do you have for Toastmasters members aspiring to take on leadership roles?

Just one: go for it!

Talk to other leaders if you want to learn more about the roles available and responsibilities that come with them.

Share your ambitions.

Put yourself out there.

Toastmasters is a great place to be supported and to discover yourself as a leader.

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