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District Leadership Commitee 

Do you want to be a leader in Toastmasters?

It is time for you to go further in your leadership journey. Read the information below,

and follow the process to apply for a position. 

You are invited to present your application or nominate another Toastmasters member to become a District Officer for the term 2024/2025.

Be quick, as the last day to present your application is 31st December!

Watch this video from 2023-2024 International President Morag Mathieson :

Available Positions

The positions available at the moment are the following:

     Appointed Positions

     Area Directors

  • Division A – 4 areas

  • Division B – 4 areas

  • Division C – 4 areas

  • Division D – 3 areas

  • Division E – 3 areas

  • Division F – 3 areas

  • Possible Division G - 3 areas (*)

(*) We are working to grow the number of clubs in the District, and within our goals we aim to create a new Division in Northern Africa

Core Team

  •         Finance Manager

  •        Administration Manager

  •        Parliamentarian

  •        IT Manager

  •        Logistics Manager

Elected Positions

Division Directors

  • Division A Director

  • Division B Director

  • Division C Director

  • Division D Director

  • Division E Director

  • Division F Director

  • Possible Division G Director (*)

(*) We are working to grow the number of clubs in the District, and within our goals we aim to create a new Division in Northern Africa. 

Core Team

  • District Director

  • Program Quality Director

  • Club Growth Director

  • Public Relations Manager


Qualifications and Responsibilities

Do you have doubts whether you qualify for the role? What would you be exactly doing in a certain position? You can find in the following links different sources of information to solve your doubts: 


Do you still have questions? Why don’t you ask one of our current leaders to know first-hand about their experience?


The following calendar was presented to the District Executive Committee and the District Council.

Nov 2023 – Call for nominations

Dec 31st – Deadline for candidates to declare intent to run

Jan 1 2024 – Candidates interviews starts

April 1 2024– DLC submits the report to District Director

Apr 15 2024 – District Director publishes nominations

May 18 2024 – District Elections


Application & Nomination Procedure

Application Procedure


You will receive a reply from the Committee confirming the good reception of your application. In case some document or data is missing you will be given notice and a deadline for you to present it. If you miss that deadline your application will be removed and in case you wish to maintain it you will have to send all the documents again.


At the beginning of January, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with two of the DLC members. This interview will have a duration of approximately one hour.


Next steps for appointed positions


If your name was voted by the Committee for the position you applied, the DLC Chair will contact you to reconfirm your willingness to be nominated and your commitment to fulfilling the duties for the respective position. 


If your name was not voted by the Committee to be nominated, we will personally let you know by e-mail. In case you have any questions we will be available to reply within our knowledge and possibilities.


If you say yes, you have to wait for the Elected District Director to ratify or not the nomination for the role that will start on July 1st, 2024. It’s on the elected District Director discretion to ratify or not the nominations from the DLC.


Next steps for elected positions


If your name was voted by the Committee to that position you will be included in the candidates’ list for the election that will take place during the District Council Meeting, on May 18, 2024.


The election voting results are considered final and all roles will initiate their activities on July 1st, 2024.


If your name was not voted by the Committee to be nominated, you will not be included in the candidates’ list for the election but you still have the possibility to be nominated from the floor (Please see the Election Process below).


Election Process

The Election process is governed by the Protocol 9.0: District Campaign and Elections. Below, you can find some of the most relevant steps in our District elections. For further details, please refer to the Protocol.


  • On April 15 2024 the District Leadership Committee Report will be sent out to all District Council members (District Officers, Club Presidents, and Club Vice Presidents of Education of all clubs in District 107) and posted on the District website.

  • You will be informed by the District Leadership Committee Chair if you were recommended or not for an appointed or elected position.

  • The Candidates’ names for each position will be announced with a photo and the biography they sent to the DLC.

  • The election will take place during the District Council Meeting to be held on 18 May 2024.

  • There will be a minimum of one (1) candidate each for the offices of District Director and Program Quality Director; two (2) or more candidates for the office of Club Growth Director; and a minimum of one (1) candidate for all other elective District offices



  • Candidates Campaign shall be in accordance to Protocol 9.0: District Campaign and Elections. 

  • “A campaign communication is any message, in any form (such as phone calls, postal mail, email, and facsimile) unsolicited by the recipient that promotes or publicizes a candidate.” 

  • You are allowed to send two communications during the Campaign period only to members of the District Council. These communications will be sent on your behalf by the District Administration Manager who you have to contact previously to schedule when to send the communications. The timeframe for your communications are:

       1. The first communication may be sent between January 1 2024 and March 15 2024.

       2. The second communication may be sent between the announcement of the DLC results and the District Council’s annual meeting


Note: If after reading all the information contained in this document you still have any questions, you can address them to


Forms & Information



Additional Information


District Leadership Committee

If you want to know more about the District Leadership Committee, you can refer to the following sources of information:



DLC Composition

DLC Chair: Pablo García

Division A Representative: Ángela Fuertes

Division B Representative: Scarlet Vázquez

Division C Representative: Vanessa Baeta 

Division D Representative: Celia Edwards

Division E Representative: Pedro Costa

Division F Representative: Marisa Aguilar

Back-up members: Najwa Sara Merchaoui and Steve Miller.

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