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Rules to request a Zoom call

Rules to request a Zoom call

  • Topic/Description

    • Send a brief description of the meeting, with Division/Area Identification. Default will be Division/Area Identification.

  • Duration

    • Set a time and duration for the meeting. This will avoid overlapping in sequential meetings and suddenly meeting shutdown. Default will be 1h

  • Time Zone

    • Related to participant country (ES,PT,MA).

  • Session Recording

    • Inform if session recording is needed and when it could be deleted. Default will be off.

  • Request widow

    • In order to properly plan, a zoom call should be requested at least 3 days in advance. Shorter times can be allowed, meanwhile response time will not be guaranteed

    • In order to allow equal opportunities to all, recurring events are not allowed more than 2x sequential times for the same timeframe.

  • Schedule conflict

    • In case of two or more appointments request the same time slot, the following rules will apply in order to establish priority:

      1. Meeting organized by District Team (District Director, Program Quality Director (PQD), Club Growth Director (CGD), Finance Manager (FM), Public Relations Manager (PRM) Administrative Manager (ADmin), Parliamentarian (PArlm) ITM and Immediate Past District Director(IPDD))

      2. Meeting organized by DLC (District Leadership Committee)

      3. Meeting with higher number of spread divisions

      4. Meeting with higher number of spread areas

      5. Meeting with higher number of spread attendees

      6. Meeting with higher number of attendees

  • Escalation

    • If escalation is needed:

      1. for training/events meetings,  contact the PQD

      2. for club growth related topic meetings,  contact the CGD

      3. other meeting conflicts, contact District Director.

Getting Started on Windows or Mac with Zoom:

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