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This page holds resources that are useful to promote the concept of Toastmasters and Toastmaster clubs.

If you would like to contribute/share materials on this subject please send them for publication to cgd[a]


Updated October 2023

Creating new clubs creates great new opportunities for leadership in our District

The more clubs there are, the more Club Officers, Area Directors and Division Directors there will be. We get to have new friends and grow and improve, in number and quality!

Improving the quality of the sessions results in a growth in number of clubs
which in turn also helps quality improve! It's a virtuous cycle!

Clubs go through three stages: LEADS, PROSPECTIVE and CHARTERED. Let's see them one by one.


This is the very beginning, when someone has an idea to create a club - or you convince them to do so! If you know of such a case, get that person in contact with the Area Director or Division Director closest to the club. Area Directors and Division Directors know what to do ​(visit the menu above Leadership Team to find them):

- They will help the club by sharing their knowledge and experience;

- They will help prepare the new club​, such as finding a venue, prepare a demo session / open house and get new members;

- They will help find a club sponsor, someone who helps filling and sending to Toastmasters International the right forms at the right time;


And finally, when this preparation is over there comes the time to launch the club, into a new stage that we call Prospective.


... and here are some indications on how to create a club

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