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MINT - Mentoring

Mint was the name of a workshop that Luís Marrana gave at the Toastmaster Spring Conference 2023 in Tangier.

The name Mint comes from the very popular herb -strong green color and scent, long lasting flavour  very popular in all Mediterranean countries. These characteristics should also be part of Toastmasters tool Mentorship. Therefore, the name Mentor/ Mint -Strong, long lasting effect.


Mentoring was an autonomous project from the Toastmasters heritage educational program, now included in Pathways in a different manner. Luís decided to challenge himself to extend the mentoring programme outside the traditional boundaries of the club or workshop conference, to a one year long programme including all the workshop participants.

The program was presented in Tangier is now being carefully organised will hopefully have a evaluation workshop at the Fall Summit of 2023 in Madrid and a final workshop in the Spring Conference of 2024 in Porto.


Are you curious about the project, its development, people involved, stages, and success?

Then enter this WhatsApp group to know all about it and do not forget to book your seat in the next workshops!

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