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Hybrid D107 Corner

First we looked for a new way to do our online meetings and we achieved it with incredible results, we improved our adaptability and most of our clubs continued with their meetings.

Now, we live in a period of adaptation, where we gradually return to the physical stages, not forgetting the virtual ones, so this year we are embracing the challenge of hybrid  meetings.


In this section of our website you will find reviews of material, tips, videos, Webinars and more of topics related to Hybrid Meetings.

The best way for all clubs to be able to do quality hybrid meetings is to have an exchange and sharing of information between clubs in a simple and fast way, so we ask your contribution to build D107 Hybrid Corner.

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Hybrid D107 Corner

Hybrid Meetings

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Hybrid D107 Corner


Hybrid D107 Corner

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Sérgio Águia / Rafael Marques / Chesco Igual

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