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Would you like to go beyond your club and help create a prospective club, charter a club or help other clubs improve in quality and membership? Read on and sign up!

SPONSORS HELP CHARTER CLUBS! They start by helping new clubs navigating the "bureaucracy", i.e. filling the club creation forms from the simple "Application to Organize" to create a prospective club all the way to the membership lists and club payments to become a chartered club. You may read information on how to do this by accessing the menu "Resources" and choosing "How to Create a Club".

Sponsors also help organize the new club and set up regular club meetings. Their job is finished when the club is chartered and then pass baton to the Club Mentor!

MENTORS HELP THE CLUB TAKE OFF! Their job starts when the club is chartered. They share knowledge with the newly chartered club about meeting roles, club officer responsibilities. They either gives the answer, or teaches club officers how to find it. They may also perform administrative tasks, process new member applications, help with renewals of membership dues and with education award applications.
In short, they help club officers become independent!

COACHES HELP STRUGGLING CLUBS! Sometimes clubs go through a bad patch and lose members. Club Coaches help these clubs improve the quality of their sessions and increase the number of members.

Connection: Develop a personal rapport with members, you are there to help them; Foster a sense of ownership; Emphasise teamwork; Encourage clubs to use other clubs as models;

Check: Observe the club, use the Club Coach Troubleshooting Guide; Conduct Moments of Truth; Help identify and discuss the club's strengths and challenges;

Meetings: Teach the club how to run meetings well; Show club officers the tools to do the same: manuals, Easy Speak, Club Central;

Membership: Help retain members; Run club membership contests; Annual Individual Member Program:

Recognition: Post member progress charts at every meeting; Formally recognise members achieving any education award; Mention achievements in club newsletters, on social media, and on the club website;

Club Success Plan: Help determine how club will meet the 10 DCP goals; Allow the club to establish additional goals; Outline strategies for achieving goals; Identify resources to accomplish goals

The District helps by matching coaches with clubs seeking them and by giving an extra allowance of €50 to cover costs of marketing, stationery, and others except travel, food and accommodation.

Pre-requisites to become a Club Coach:

- You must be a paid member in good standing, more than one year;
- You can't belong to the club of which you are a coach;
- You have to have been a club officer for one annual term or two semiannual terms;
- You must have reached
at least Level 2, or an Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), or an Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB);
- You must complete the Club Coach Program Training module in Base Camp.

Being a Sponsor, Mentor or Coach can give you credit to become a Distinguished Toastmaster:

Requirement #4 to become a Distinguished Toastmaster is: "Serve successfully as a club mentor or coach."

Requirement #5 is "Serve successfully as a club sponsor or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership program."


After registration we will try to match you with clubs who may benefit from your help!
We hope to have news for you soon!

Are you representing a club and seeking Sponsors, Mentors or a Coach? If so, please get in touch with your Area Director or Division Director. If you represent a new club you can also get in touch with the Club Growth Director, who can guide you, at cgd[at]

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