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Candidate for Public Relations Manager, District 107 - Sílvia Vilas, DTM
Home Club:
Invicta Toastmasters (Porto)
Personal statement:
In the last 10 years I have been learning how to communicate in public but, even better, I have been learning how to be a Leader that knows how to communicate.
We are always a result of our predecessors in everything in life. Be it good things or bad things. In this case my predecessors have been wonderful which will allow, and encourage me, to pick up from what they have done and try to go a little bit further if I become the new PRM.
Please contact me by email to if you want to know more about me!
Qualifications for Service:
I’ve been a Toastmaster for almost 10 years, having been VPE, Club President, Area and Division Director and twice Parliamentarian of the District 107.
I have extensive experience organizing or helping organizing events in and outside Toastmasters: Club, Area and Division Competitions, District Conferences, TEDxPorto, alumni reunions and Porto 2001 – Cultural Capital of Europe. At the alumni reunions I was the person responsible for the PR and I gathered more than 500 alumni from my University.  
Job Title/Employer:
Trainer of Public and Interpersonal Communication, of Negotiation and Selling and of Leadership in several institutions and companies.
Relevant Work Experience:
10 years as a Sales Manager in an International Group before becoming a Psychologist.
Lusíada University: Master’s in Clinical Psychology (2020)
Lisbon University: Degree in Psychology (2017)
Lusíada University: Degree in International Relations (1998)
Hobbies and Interests:
Dancing and reading, reading and dancing.
Volunteer Experience:
Speaker’s Curator and Host of TEDxPorto.
Honours/Recognition inside Toastmasters:
2015-2016:     Vice President Education President’s Distinguished Club
2016-2017:     Club President President’s Distinguished Club
Area Director Select Distinguished Area
2020:             Distinguished Toastmaster
2020-2021:    Division Director Select Distinguished Division / Division Director of the Year
Other information:
I am passionate about life, psychology, people, communication and, of course, Toastmasters. I love to learn more and more. I am very dedicated to people, to my fellow members and to my teams. I always try to do my best and I have learnt to ask for help when needed. 
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