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Venue Layout & Hybrid Tips


- Have a second camera pointed to the audience, so that in the zoom meeting participants who are at home can view the audience.


- Whenever a remote participant talks, put in full size.

Image by Waldemar Brandt

- Use a webcam with built-in microphone as backup plan.

Image by Caleb Woods

- Project the audio of participants who are at home in the Zoom session using speakers.


- Have audio from the audience, so that members who are at home feel closer to the members who are in the physical room.

Manutenção projector

- Project the Zoom Meeting projection near the stage (using a projector or a computer connected to a monitor or TV).


- Test the light and image quality before the start of the meeting.

brilhando Keyboard

- Use a wireless keyboard and mouse to make it easier to zoom master in the room to control the meeting.

Image by Markus Winkler

- Have a powerbank to connect to the phone that is the second camera or if the internet of a phone is being used.

Writing on Computer_edited.jpg

- Have multiple members per club ready to set up a hybrid meeting.

Image by Aaron Burden

- Find ways to make Evaluation sheets available to members who are at home zooming in as to members who are physically in the room.

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