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This page holds a number of resources that can be useful for Club Growth

If you would like to contribute/share materials on this subject please send them for publication to cgd[a]


Chartering Process

This PDFs are editable, as so, I advise to fill directly all the information you can in order to avoid any misunderstood regarding handwriting.

You can check the club number here


Charter Forms Checklist.pdf – A document to help you to check if everything is already filled.


Form 2 – Charter Payments.pdf – This is the only document where you need to include the payment method and consider the charter and membership fees. Club President and Club Secretary need to sign the document, along with the person responsible for the credit card.


Form 3 – Charter Member Application.pdf – The PDF you need to fill for each member and signed by them and a club officer, You don’t need to fill the dues and fee section and also the Payment Information as this is a Charter and all the necessary information will be filled in Form 2 – Charter Payments.pdf.


Form 4 – Charter Club Officer Information.pdf – Document with information about the 7 persons who will have the officers roles during 1 year or half year mandate.


Form 5 – Club Information.pdf – Additional information regarding the club to be included in Toastmasters International records. Needs to be signed by a club officer, preferentially the President.


Form 6 – Club Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International.pdf – Club Constitution. The club needs to fill pages 1, 7, 8. Club President needs to sign page 1 and Club Secretary needs to sign pages 1 and 8.


Members_List.xlsx – Excel file will all members information fo facilitate the validation process by our Colleagues in the US


All documents should be scanned and sent to

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