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Candidate for Public Relation Manager, District 107 - Hanane Bourehiyi, IP5, MS2
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Hanane Bourehiyi
Home Club:
Rabat Toastmasters Club
Personal statement:
I'm a highly motivated person, always looking for new challenges, new opportunities to learn and grow, my motto is WHY NOT!
Qualifications for Service:
When I joined Toastmasters, my ultimate goal was to work on my public speaking skills, but, after serving twice as a club officer I have gained confidence, it was a worthy journey and motivating experience, until last year, I never imagine that I will send my candidate for a District position, it was a challenge since we were undistricted club , luckily this year Morocco Area has been aligned with the District 107.
I have learned countless things as a VPPR in Rabat TM Club (2019-2020) and currently as a part of the District 107 PR team, I feel now I can continue this learning journey, and contribute to increasing the awareness of Toastmasters inside and outside of the District.
Job Title/Employer:
Freelance Financial Advisor
Relevant Work Experience:
I have more than nine years of professional work experience in Finance and accounting, I worked in several companies with different teams, so I become very comfortable working with various people and diverse backgrounds. My job requires me to maintain a high level of organization, effective time management skills and the ability to detect and solve problems. In addition, as a sales account manager (three years), overseeing sales activities and developing relationships with customers, this role helped me to work on my communication and persuasive skills.
Bachelor in Finance and Bank, University Mohammed V, Rabat
Master in Audit, Finance and Control Management, ENCG Tangier
Hobbies and Interests:
 Love reading, sports, solo travel and journaling 
Volunteer Experience:
I worked for almost 10 years as a camp counsellor during the summer term, my role was to coordinate and engage activities for young children and teenagers, develop new programs and lead campers in fun-filled projects. 
I'm a member of (MTC)Mouvement Tofola Chaabia, a Moroccan youth association working with deprived children.
Honours/Recognition inside Toastmasters:
Certificate of Proficiency in completing Innovative planning pathway (IP5)
  Motivational Strategies Level 2 (MS2)
President's Distinguished Club (2020-2021)  
Other information:
VPPR (2019-2020)
President (2020- 2021)
Sergeant At Arms (2021-2022)
-District 107, Area F4 Council Assistant Area Director Club Growth (July 2021-present)
-PR Team District 107 (July 2021- present)  
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