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Candidate for Division F Director, District 107 - Adiba Mettour
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Adiba Mettour
Home Club:
Eloquent Leaders TM Club
Personal statement:
A leader is a dreamer in action and I believe that every leader should have big bold dreams and the necessary commitment to put them into action and help people around him reach their goals in the easiest possible ways.
Qualifications for Service:
I served as a VPE of Eloquent leaders Toastmasters club, then the first Area F4 Director, and through my Toastmasters journey I learned that no issue is an issue it only helps us strengthen our leadership muscles and discover new ways to operate the right solutions.
Job Title/Employer:
Claims administrator
Relevant Work Experience:
My work consists of collaborating with several departments in an insurance company to help them improve the quality of the provided services based on trying to build action plans to solve not only the recurrent sources of claims but also to solve the complicated ones.
Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management
Hobbies and Interests:
Traveling, reading
Volunteer Experience:
I had the pleasure to start my journey in an iconic club that helped in shaping my trajectory: Rabat Toastmasters club where I enjoyed learning new skills with teammates who became family members since we kept meeting all the week to work on several projects: training, debate, international meetings, Pan African speak up the event with 10 other African countries... Then joining District 107! Every single experience was a journey in itself
Honours/Recognition inside Toastmasters:
Club mentor, Innovative planning pathway
Other information:
I took part in organizing several events like the Spring conference 2021, the Fall Summit in Marrakech 2021, and spearheading the Division F contest 2022.
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